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Web Links

Partner Agencies

Link to groups that we work with:


Tri-CAN and the Tri-CAN System 2.0 is a Client Assistance Management system designed to help Food Pantries, Churches or similar organizations maintain some control over the assistance they provide. This system allows for tracking information about clients consistent with the U.S.D.A. recommended data handling guidelines.

Kentucky Non-Profit Leadership Initiative

The Non-Profit Leadership Initiative supports non-profits of all kinds and sizes.  They are a useful resource for a non-profit organization from the early days of seeking a 501(c)3 to the late stages of moving past founders and building a long-term sustainable organization.

God's Pantry Food Bank

God's Pantry is the USDA Commodity Food Distributor for Southeastern Kentucky. Many of the Tri-CAN Member Agencies are also members of God's Pantry and use their services and buying power to put even more food in their food bank baskets each month.


Client Resources

Links to websites that might be of use to low-income families:

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is Kentucky's online home for food stamps, Medicaid, Kentucky Transitional Assistance, Child Care Assistance, and many other state programs that support low-income households.

Kentucky Community Action Agencies

Every County in Kentucky is served by a Community Action Agency.  In the Tri-County area, these include Bell-Whitley CAA, KCEOC, and Daniel Boone CAA, all of which can be reached through the link above.  Community Action Agencies administer a number of state and federal programs to help low-income families, including programs to help low-income children succeed in school, and programs to help people train for and find employment and become home-owners.

Social Security Online Services

You can use the Social Security website to apply for benefits, get proof of your benefits, or to change your residence or direct deposit information.

Kentucky Office of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD in Kentucky offers help with home ownership and well as income-based rental housing and vouchers.


Research and Media Resources

Links to sites that provide useful data on the state of the poor for students or reporters doing research on the topic:

Kentucky State Data Center Income and Poverty Data

Kentucky census data on all aspects of Income, including poverty.

University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research

UK has one of the foremost scholarly research centers on poverty in the nation.  Their newsletter/journal "Insights on Southern Poverty" has some especially interesting research on the topic.  They also maintain an outstanding amount of data on poverty in Kentucky, which is much more current than the national census numbers.




HomeSkills Learning Project Wins State-Wide Award

In 2007, the Ossoli Club of Corbin was honored by the Kentucky Federation of Women's Club (KFWC) for their involvement in the HomeSkills Learning Project. The project won first place in the KFWC Community Improvement Contest.

Message Board Changes

Due to a security problem, we have had to change our Message Board System. The new system will work very much like the old, however it will require you to log in via a different page.